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 Dungeon Partying

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PostSubject: Dungeon Partying   Dungeon Partying Icon_minitimeTue Jun 19, 2007 2:58 pm

DMR/MLR - Dry Moonlight Remains Dungeon.

LM - Lost Mines Dungeon.

CV - Crystal Valley Dungeon.

Aggro/Hate/Threat - Aggression towards anyone in the party, or the monster's incentive to attack a party member. ie: running past an aggro monster causes him to persue even though no damage was given, or dealing out too much damage and stealing a tank's aggro.

DP - Dungeon Party. This is the acronym used when people shout for forming/inviting into dungeon parties.

LFDP / DPLF - Looking For Dungeon Party and Dungeon Party Looking For, respectively. This is the acronym used for people either searching for a party or looking for new members for the party. It is customary to put in your level and class when advertising, or the level range and class being looked for.

Pull - The act of pulling an enemy towards the party. This is typically done in order to either speed up kills or to lure an enemy away from a group in order to kill it alone.

Add - Additional enemies that aggro the party. These are usually unintentional and may happen as a result of a bad pull or monsters respawning in your party's area.

Pat - Short for Patrol. Patrols are monsters/enemies that litteraly patrol a specific area and are usually aggressive.

DPS - Damage Per Second. The ammount of damage given over any period of time, though this term is not used quite frequently among the Rappelz community from what i've seen.

DoT - Damage over Time. Any skill, magical or phisical, that causes damage over a period of time.

HoT - Heal over Time. Any skill, magical or physical, that causes a person to regain health over a period of time.

DD - Damage Dealer. This consists of Striders, Dark Magi, Fighers, Pet Classes, and Holy Warriors (using a spear, 2h Sword, or dual wield).

Tank - Typically a Holy Warrior, but anyone who can consistantly keep the attention of the monster and has sufficient amor to take some hits may qualify. A Strider in an all DD party who deals the most damage could be considered a tank though no HW is present.
- MT: Main Tank. The primary tank responsable for controling mobs.
- OT: Off-Tank. The "extra" tank, responsable for controling additional mobs.

Mob - Taken from the term "mobile" meaning any moving creature. This is the general term for any and all monsters. ie: "grab that mob over there," or "i've got a mob on me."

Mob Train - When a large number of monsters follow you. The effect of having upwards of 20 monsters following you looks like a train of monsters, hence the name. Mob Train can also mean purposly collecting monsters in an attempt to pass their aggro onto another person or party and have the monsters kill them.

Camp - This means to stay in one spot while killing. Most people will camp Boss Rooms in Dungeons. If someone or a group are camping an area, it is customary to let them have the spot. The first come-first serve rule is in effect for this. If someone should come in and attempt to steal your spot or the boss it's generally acceptable to Pk if you are clearly in the room.

Farming - This is an act of killing specific monsters for specific drops. People who have discovered that a monster will drop specific cards or gear will kill the same monster over and over.

PK - Player Kill. This occurs when someone activates their PvP flag (the person's name turns orange and a red icon shows next to their name) and attacks/kills another player. You do not need to have your PK flag on in order for someone to attack you. /pkon turns it on, /pkoff turns it off. Killing a person with a PK flag or a red name will not result in immorality points. PKing a significantly lower level character will result in a slaughter and instantly turn you red.

KS - Kill Stealing. If you should start attacking a monster and another person comes up and starts attacking it afterwards, it is considered stealing the kill. Even if the other person does not do enough damage to get credit for the kill, they are limiting your exp/jp gain. It is generally acceptable to PK kill stealers.
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PostSubject: Re: Dungeon Partying   Dungeon Partying Icon_minitimeThu Jun 21, 2007 2:09 pm

LJ- LLEEEEEEEEERRRROYYYY JEEEENKNNNKINSSSSSSS!!!!!!! (don't attempt a Leeroy Jenkins or you will immediately be demoted to Guild Idiot) Laughing

Dungeon Partying
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Dungeon Partying
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